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MDUK – The Real Winner (Salford too though! πŸ˜‰)

By : Elliot Dacosta / 10 October, 2017 /

He did it.

Phil managed the trek, which on paper should be 40.5miles, but in reality, was much further.

Over the course of the week, Technical Consultant, Phil Charlick and his climbing partner manage to scale the mountain, battle the elements and the altitude but he did it. There has been a lot of time and effort put into preparing for this climb and we are incredibly proud as a company that he managed this awesome feat. Phil undertook this momentous climb in order to raise money and awareness for MDUK, a charity very close to his heart. Phil is still a little shy of his Β£10k target, so we hope you can help push him over the line, a fantastic achievement from start to finish!

Phil top of mountain.jpg

As a show of support on Friday 6th October both of Solars’ Salford and Chippenham offices hired treadmills in order to cover the same distance Phil achieved. Starting at 6am with 20x30minute slots throughout the day, the two teams assembled with the goal of matching the 40.5 miles however this quickly descended into a fierce (but friendly) competition between the two offices with update calls every 2 hours.

Who’d have thought it, a race becoming competitive? 

The day was largely neck and neck as the two teams battled it out for bragging rights. Francis Pizzey (Contract Administrator) and Sarah Bell (DBAM), both stood in for 2 stints on the treadmill for the Chippenham team recording 2 of the longest distances throughout the competition.. Furthermore, team captain, Emily Dye (UC Product Experience Expert) also put a fantastic opening hour into the competition which allowed Chippenham to keep the pressure on the Salford office. The two offices battled closely but thanks to a fantastic innings by man machine Ian Nuttall (Client Manager), a shock performance from Commercial Manager Michael Mak (the two recording the highest runs of the day, 5.8 and 5.7km respectively) and Leonie Ferrer (Marketing Executive) the new content whizz in the marketing team, Salford began to edge forward as the day progressed. When final scores were recorded Salford were able to finish on 89km taking the lead and claiming victory over Chippenham who scored a respectable 81.9km. It was a fantastic day all round, topped off by a curry for Salford and drinks for team Chippers. Both offices got behind the event, however the real winner of the day was MDUK as more money was raised for Phil’s total, as well as awareness of the charity and its activities.

salford office.jpg
(Salford Office)

(Chippenham Office)


It's not too late to sponsor Phil and help him reach his 10k target, just hit the link below and give generously!


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