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I "Moustache" You To Join Us!

By : Elliot Dacosta / 06 November, 2017 /

Ever since 2004, the month of November has become synonymous with Movember. A month where some men grow fantastic tashes…and the majority of us attempt to warm our upper lip with what can only be described as coffee stains, all in the name of a good cause. This year, Solar will be participating across our various offices around the country in order to raise awareness, as well as money, for testicular and prostate cancer. This is a charity close to the company's heart, especially Chief Exec, John Whitty, as he clarifies;

I am sure most people will have been affected by these horrible conditions, I lost my dad to prostate cancer 12 years ago and unforuntately I am not alone, with many others being personally affected or knowing someone that is. I’m extremely proud that as a business and with company-wide participation, we will be supporting this great cause and helping to raise awareness. We are all a family at Solar and im touched that so many of our people are getting involved…and yes, I will be doing my best to impersonate Tom Selleck over the course of the month.

So yes, John will be leading from the front – although having now seen him as Hulk Hogan I think he needs to go for that look rather than Selleck! Following the highly successful Philimanjaro treadmill runs a couple of weeks ago (link) we are going to be injecting a little bit of friendly competition into the offices once again…

In order to ensure we raise as much money as possible and get as many Solar Citizens involved for this fantastic charity there will be lots of friendly competitions going on, from  the Best Tash competition to prizes for ridiculous lip rugs and Worst Tash –there’s going to be lots of embarrassed wives, partners and girlfriends out there but all for a great cause!
Picture updates to follow, but let the competition begin, once again in the name of a good cause!

If you want to support our efforts, please hit the link below, all proceeds go to helping those with prostate and testicular cancer

Tags: CSR, Charity, Movember, Solar Communications, cancer

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