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10 Gig WAN Optimisation for Replication

Courtesy of Silver Peak Systems Inc. Want to see the world’s highest-performing, highest-capacity WAN optimization appliance in action? Check out this video of the Silver Peak NX-10K optimizing ...
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By : Jason Evans / 13 January, 2012 /

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IPv6 Moving from Vision to Roadmap

Courtesy of David Hughes, Silver Peak Systems Inc. There are some perennial IT trends that crop up each year about this time, and in networking, IPv6 always seems to be in the mix.  Well, after many ...
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By : Jason Evans / 13 January, 2012 /

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PLEASE HELP US! Support Action for Children in Byte Night

On 7th October team Response Data Communications are sleeping outside, yes outside with no shelter. Expecting the worse of our British weather it will certainly be cold and maybe wet and windy - eek!!
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By : Jason Evans / 27 September, 2011 /

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Silver Peak Launches Free WAN Optimisation: The VX-Xpress

The VX-Xpress is the industry’s first FREE fully functional, Virtual WAN Optimisation appliance for the masses. Leveraging Silver Peak’s award winning VXOA technology, the entry level VX appliance is ...
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By : Jason Evans / 12 September, 2011 /

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ShoreTel Contact Center: Feature Teacher

Web Based ShoreTel Contact Center Director Contact Center 7 can now be managed through an intuitive Web based management interface that makes the administration and management of the ECC brilliantly ...
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By : Jason Evans / 10 July, 2011 /

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WAN Optimiation for Next-Gen Data Centres Video Blog

Here is a great video of Silver Peak vice president of product management Damon Ennis talking about the new NX-10K appliance, the industry’s first multi-Gigabit WAN optimisation appliance for next ...
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By : Jason Evans / 08 July, 2011 /

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Virtual WAN Optimisation Creates Possibilities for Networks

Courtesy of David Greenfield , Silver Peak Systems Inc Since joining Silver Peak from Network Computing, where I was the editor and a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to see virtualisation and WAN ...
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By : Jason Evans / 08 July, 2011 /

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Call Centre Frustrations May Cause Customers to Buy Elsewhere

I recently came across an article in Contact Center World, entitled "Call Center Frustrations May Cause Consumers to Shop Elsewhere". That may seem like a statement of the obvious but its one which ...
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By : Jason Evans / 23 June, 2011 /

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Law firm finds WAN optimisation key to data centre consolidation

Bandwidth limitations and latency have become a common way of life for WAN managers who can’t afford an upgrade, but virtualization and data centre consolidation are forcing many IT shops to confront ...
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By : Jason Evans / 22 June, 2011 /

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The Great WAN Debate - Bandwidth vs Optimisation

When assessing the performance impact of increasing WAN Bandwidth against implementing WAN Optimisation, you really do need to consider ALL of the variables.
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By : Jason Evans / 21 June, 2011 /

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