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Bad Rabbit – Causing Global Havoc

In a year that has been largely shrouded by uncertainty whether that be Brexit, Trump’s America or the developing situation in North Korea, the only thing that seems certain is that cybercrime is ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 26 October, 2017 /

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Cardiff Contingent take on 24 hour cycle for Penarth family

The newest addition to the Solar family, Cardiff based TWL is competing in Cyclone24 this autumn, with all proceeds going towards Matt Burns and his family as he bravely battles cancer.
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 13 October, 2017 /

MDUK, Kilimanjaro, Charity

MDUK – The Real Winner (Salford too though! 😉)

He did it. Phil managed the trek, which on paper should be 40.5miles, but in reality, was much further.
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 10 October, 2017 /

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TWL Voice and Data becomes part of Solar Communications family

It is not just Mitel who are acquiring companies at the minute, last month we announced our acquisition of Cardiff based TWL. Check out this write up about this exciting new development in Solar's ...
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By : James Davies / 02 October, 2017 /

Solar Communications, MDUK, Kilimanjaro, Charity, CSR

If you can't go to Kilimanjaro....

...then you bring Kilimanjaro to you! If you haven’t seen already, Phil Charlick decided to undertake the momentous feat of climbing 40.5 miles up Kilimanjaro and battling the altitude in order to ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 26 September, 2017 /

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World's Biggest Coffee Morning Comes to Solar

On Friday 29th September 2017 Solar will be participating in the World's Biggest Coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 26 September, 2017 /

acquisition, Mitel, ShoreTel

Latest News From Mitel Regarding ShoreTel Acquisition

As you should be aware by now, our 2 biggest suppliers have joined forces with Mitel acquiring ShoreTel towards the end of July. This has been a very exciting time for us at Solar given that we are ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 26 September, 2017 /


What is a mobile soft client?

A softphone is an application programme that enables voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls from computer devices. In the industry, softphones are sometimes referred to as soft clients.
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By : James Davies / 21 September, 2017 /


Why are businesses tolerant when it comes to their phone system?

Solar has conducted its own research on how businesses are more likely to accept subpar performance from their telephony infrastructure compared with the output of its people.
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By : James Davies / 21 September, 2017 /

MDUK, Kilimanjaro, Charity, CSR

The clock is ticking…the mountain is growing

*UPDATE* In case you have missed it, Solar’s Phil Charlick will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, now aptly named “Phili-majro”, in order to raise money for MDUK. MDUK is a charity close to the company’s ...
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By : Elliot Dacosta / 18 September, 2017 /

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