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Peter Broadway: Leading The Way

By : Elliot Dacosta / 23 April, 2018 /

There is a fine line between genius and madman...

As you may already be aware, on May the 4th we will be sparking the North and South rivalry once again as we pit the Salford and Chippenham offices against one another in a 300km cycle race. This cycle is to help support the work of Restless Development, our chosen charity for 2018 and in particular their Stand By Eva Campaign which helped get Eva, a young girl from Tanzania, water in her community and stopped her needing to walk 300km making her miss significant amounts of her education. Her story really resonated with us as a company which is why we are looking to raise over £1000 on the day in aid of Eva; however one man is going above and beyond...introducing Mr Peter Broadway.

Peter is a Senior Account Manager here at Solar having been with the company for 15 years now (an impressive feat in itself!) however, he will be undertaking the crazy task of riding for both the Salford and Chippenham offices in the same day! Kicking off the cycle in the Salford office at 8:30am, Peter will be doing the first 10km of the day before un-clipping from the bike and sticking his running trainers on to run the 6.5km to Manchester Piccadilly station. From there, he will be catching a train down to Chippenham, at which point he will run from the station to our office ready to hop on a bike and do his second cycle of the day.

What a fantastic (albeit it crazy) idea, so we figured it would be a good idea to sit down with the man ahead of this task...

Elliot: Hi Peter, how's it going?
Peter: Yes, I am great thanks, you?

E: Yes, pretty good, so I guess my first question has got to be...are you crazy?
P: Ha-Ha, no not crazy! Having now been at Solar for 15 years I have seen the business evolve over time, moving solely from having a Southern base and presence to increasingly putting emphasis on the North due to our large, national base of customers. For this reason, I wanted to show some solidarity within the company, from both an internal as well as an external perspective - We are, after all, one company. This is me embracing the changes in the business - Long Live SSC!

E: Have you done any specific preparation for the day or would you say you were pretty active already?
P: I would say I stay generally pretty active, particularly as I am a Type One Diabetic and it's important to do so - at least that's what my consultant says. I do my best to say healthy though, especially as a lot of health issues can start to develop as old age sets in, sadly!... I just try to do my best to make sure I treat my body properly and do what I can to stay fit.

E: So what is it about Restless Development that has inspired you to want to do this?
Well I think the work they do is fantastic, I think inspiring young people to help their communities out is a great idea and one I can really get behind. I think the cause is really good and shows the determination of the charity and those they work with which is something I really respect. Furthermore, I have known Mark Colquhoun [Owner and Chairman] for a number of years and I know both Restless and in particular the work they do in Africa is very close to him, so I want to support that.

E: Have you got a specific fund-raising goal in mind?
P: Not really, I am contributing more than the seat price to get my slots on the 2 days, but I don't have a specific goal in mind. I mean if I could raise any amount of money I would be happy as I know it is all going towards a good cause.

E: Do you have a distance or time you are looking to do?
P: Again, not really, I am just determined to ride further than Will Kennedy [Sales and Marketing Director - and Peter's boss]. He is forever setting me targets, so I think it's my turn to set him one and let the pressure mount! 

Well Peter, from everyone at Solar and Restless, thank you for "Going Beyond The Call" and "Leading The Way" for the company! 

If you would like to sponsor Pete, and indeed the team, please hit the link below, if his crazy day doesn't warrant a few quid I don't know what does! 



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