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Revenge Of The South

By : Elliot Dacosta / 23 April, 2018 /

We are proud to have our chosen charity for 2018 as Restless Development, a youth led organisation that works predominately in the global South to empower leaders in their local communities with the goal of teaching them the skills to make a real difference to those around them. The company has adopted the mantra of "teaching a man to fish" to ensure the impact of their work has a lasting impact, helping create the foundations for real growth and change. This mentality really resonates with us as a company given that our key values are “Go Beyond The CallLead The Way, Take Personal Responsibility and Do The Right Thing” and the work that Restless do really embodies these, making them a perfect fit for us. We are incredibly proud to be supporting Restless as they make real, positive differences to people around the world and whilst we have already attended a couple of events our first major event is just around the corner...

It is time for Revenge of the South....

A key campaign, and indeed achievement, that Restless were able to do was to help Eva, a young girl from Tanzania, get clean drinking water in her village, stopping her needing to walk 300km a month and miss school (Read her story here). Restless ran their #StandByEva campaign and her story really moved us, which is why we wanted to do something ourselves to make people aware of her story, which unfortunately is not unique, in hopes that we can help others in their battle for a basic human right.

On May 4th we will be bringing 2 static bikes into both the Salford and Chippenham offices and we will be looking to ride 300km over the course of a day to mirror the walk Eva had to do on a monthly basis. Whilst this is in the name of a fantastic cause, it is also a fantastic excuse to have a bit of friendly interoffice competition! In the same vein as our Philimanjaro run last year we will be battling it out to see which office can reign supreme and claim bragging rights. Last year Manchester took the crown, but this year Chippenham have the Welsh contingent coming in to help them out, so the competition is really stiff!

To ensure we can help contribute towards Restless, we are getting each rider to raise an entry fee to secure their place on the bike, that way we know we will get some money for the event, but we want to try and smash our target of raising £1000 from this event - So how can you help?

Internally we can only raise so much, so if you can spare some money towards the cause we would greatly appreciate it! If you would like to sponsor a specific rider, please put in the comments who they are and if I can make a suggestion, I would say Peter Broadway who is going to be racing for both offices on the day…. Click here for Peter’s story

Otherwise, we want to help enable Restless to make positive change, so anything you can do to help us achieve that would be really appreciated, just hit our Just Giving link below and give whatever you can!


Tags: Charity, CSR, restless development, WeAreSolar

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