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Snow (Hey Ho)

By : Elliot Dacosta / 12 February, 2018 /

There is something about ice and snow that sends this country into disarray. A light sprinkle can result in carnage as we Brits seem to really struggle with the cold snaps, even though by lunch time it has usually been replaced with brown slush. Yet for some, this can have adverse effects on their business, resulting in employees having to stay at home and miss a whole day’s work, this can often take days to recover from. This isn’t the case for us, this isn’t the case if your key business systems are on the cloud, it is just business as usual.

One of the key benefits that cloud can bring to your business is the mobility, no matter where you are in the world, if your business has migrated to the cloud, you can access your files, your data and the information you need to work. Of course, snow is just one of a number of eventualities, the usefulness of being able to work on the move extends to much more frequent situations (travelling to a meeting with a client, being at an event or even that pesky cough that you don’t want to take a day off for but is distracting the rest of the office). If you are on the cloud there is no reason why your business should suffer at the hands of snow, or indeed any other adverse weather conditions and this could be the difference between your business excelling or playing catch up.

Today, several of our people have been unable to make it into the office but other than the lack of noise in our Manchester office, nothing has changed. This is of course a very minor instance of “disaster” preparedness, but if you are struggling this should send warning signs about what your plan is for something on a much larger scale.

At Solar, we understand it is vital to prepare for the worst and have a plan in place to ensure we are ready for any instance which is why we have a disaster recovery plan. Whilst it is important to have a plan, it is also vital that we test this plan to ensure it is more than just hypothetical posturing, which is why last month we put ours into action.

Click here to learn how we are prepared for complete downtime of systems within our business.

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Tags: Mobility, cloud, Cloud Communications, Disaster Recovery, business continuity

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