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Solar Stands By Eva

By : Elliot Dacosta / 05 April, 2018 /

May The 4th Be With You! 

As you may already know, our chosen charity for 2018 is Restless Development which are a youth led organisation who work predominantly in the global South, as well as here in the UK. The mentality that drives the charity is empowering the rising youthful population to be future leaders of their communities, taking the mantra of “teaching a man to fish...”. This focus ensures that their work has a lasting impact, not only for those they speak to, but also those around them as well.

The work of Restless Development really resonates with us here at Solar, especially as we strive to abide by our key values; Go Beyond The Call, Lead The way, Take Personal Responsibility and Do The Right Thing. The work of Restless makes an enormous difference which is why we are proud to say that “Solar is Restless” and are sure this is going to be the beginning of a great partnership. Already for 2018 Restless has done a number of great things, including their poignant Youth Stop Aids Tour which a number of the Solar team attended in Manchester, however we have much more planned!

One of Restless’s key successes has been supporting the “Stand With Eva Campaign” which, if you haven’t seen already, is in support of a young girl from Tanzania who (like many others) was having to sacrifice her education in order to walk several miles a day to collect water for her family. Eva recognised this wasn’t right and decided to do something about this! Eva and her class mates began petitioning to get clean water to her school and community with her government. Her story touched people globally, in fact President Obama read the letter she sent to him  which he acknowledged at the UN General Assembly by saying ‘We hear you Eva!’ At that Assembly world leaders from all 193 nations agreed to a new set of Global Goals which included targets about clean water and sanitation.

Eva Obama video link

This is an incredible achievement and with your support we can do more!

Unfortunately Eva is not alone in her battle to secure something that is a basic human right and some thing that we take for granted on a daily basis. On May 4th Solar will be embarking on #RideWithEva! We will be bringing 2 static bikes into the Chippenham and Manchester offices as we aim to match the 300km Eva had to walk every month over the course of a day.  We will be posting throughout the day to show how we’re getting on and we’re sure there’ll be some competition between the offices after 2017’s epic Philimanjaro event in which Manchester hailed victorious – the battle between the North and South round 2 is on!  

If you would like to help our efforts, please hit the link below and donate to our justgiving page:

Eva has inspired us and we want to empower more Youth to have the opportunity to do the same. If you would like any further information on Restless or Solar’s fundraising initiatives, then please get in touch with

May the 4th be with us!

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