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How to Determine Whether SD-WAN is Right for Your Business

SD-WAN adoption continues to grow at a fast clip with the latest reports estimating that this market will grow by 90% in the next 5 years, according to IDC. This isn’t surprising, there is a myriad ...
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By : Maria Milenkova / 13 March, 2017 /

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Considering SD-WAN? The top 6 questions everyone asks answered

SD-WAN has been making the news for quite some time now and it looks like it’s here to stay. According to a recent IDC report, SD-WAN adoption is growing and fast. With 70% of surveyed organisations ...
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By : Maria Milenkova / 03 February, 2017 /

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Silver Peak & Response Lowers Data Traffic and Network Costs to Help CSR Go the Distance

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By : Jason Evans / 07 January, 2013 /

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Law firm finds WAN optimisation key to data centre consolidation

Bandwidth limitations and latency have become a common way of life for WAN managers who can’t afford an upgrade, but virtualization and data centre consolidation are forcing many IT shops to confront ...
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By : Jason Evans / 22 June, 2011 /

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Silver Peak’s WAN Optimisation Competitive Advantage

Silver Peak President and CEO, Rick Tinsley, is joined by Founder and CTO, David Hughes, to discuss the evolution of WAN Optimization and Silver Peak’s WAN Optimization and technical advantages.
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By : Jason Evans / 03 May, 2011 /

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